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The Companies at PMDC provide an outlet for all of our aspiring young dancers to perform as much as possible. Being a part of one of these Companies enables these dancers to learn and grow by performing at many different venues such as regional and national dance competitions, community performances, charity benefits and our end of year PMDC Showcase. 

Additionally, every company member is encouraged to attend at least one convention weekend where they will participate in many dance classes of various styles with nationally known teachers, choreographers and performers such as those seen on "So You Think You Can Dance", Broadway and the famous concert dance stages of NYC. These conventions will keep our dancers always motivated and inspired to reach that next level.

Which Company Is right for you?

 Movement Dance Company 

This company is devoted to bringing diverse dance styles to all students while honoring both classical forms of dance and cutting edge choreography. Students in this program are highly dedicated, devoting many hours a week to their art.  The Movement Dance Companies are for dancers ages 6 and up.

 Modern Company 

These programs are dedicated to the techniques of ballet or modern dance. By introducing a strong background in ballet & modern dance to the students, PMDC will provide the opportunity for these dancers to prepare for what they will experience in their dance education after high school. This program readies the dancers for elite summer programs, college dance programs and future professional careers in concert dance. The program includes study in ballet/modern technique and repertory work to be performed in Company performance opportunities. *Must be a member of Movement Dance Company

 Tap Company 

For those students who possess a love of tap, PMDC provides the Tap Company. This program allows students to explore the art of tap and have great performance opportunities at the competitive level.

 Hip Hop Company 

For those students interested in Hip Hop, PMDC provides the Hip Hop Company. This program allows students to perform Hip Hop at the competitive level.

Want to know more?  

Download our Company Fact Sheet below.

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