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In addition to group performances, students who are members of a PMDC Company may take private lessons to enhance their training. These can be solely technical lessons, or they can result in a solo to be performed at competitions. These solos may also be selected to perform in benefit performances and/or our PMDC Showcase at the discretion of the Directors. A performance opportunity in the Showcase is not guaranteed from a private lesson time slot.  Once a private lesson time slot has been acquired by a student, that family is responsible for an entire year of private lessons as detailed by the studio calendar. If a student fails to show up for their weekly private lesson, they are still responsible for payment of that lesson. If a student knows they will miss their lesson ahead of time, they may feel free to switch lessons with another person in the program. 

Private lessons are $50 for a half hour lesson. The total cost of the year is contingent upon the number of times in the year the lesson meets. There is no charge for a private lesson that is canceled by the studio for snow days or other extenuating circumstances. One choreographed solo is provided in each private lesson. If a student wishes more than one solo, there will be an additional $250 choreography fee. There is no guarantee that both solos will be complete by the first competition given the fluctuations in progress in any given private lesson. For more information or clarification, please contact either Lindsay or Dana.

Private lesson time slots can be carried over from year to year. A student will have the opportunity to keep their time slot or get their choice of other available lessons before new students are brought into the program. Students may request particular teachers, but that teacher’s availability is not guaranteed. Please keep in mind that private lesson time slots will be offered around the studio’s main class schedule. Simply put, group classes come first. For this reason, sometimes private lesson time slots will be removed from the schedule to make way for a class. If this happens to a time slot, that student will get first choice over all available lessons before others. 

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