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  • Pure Movement Dance Center features 4 beautiful dance studios and a training room. Each studio is built with sprung dance floors - perfect for growing dancers! These floors are designed to absorb impact and reduce damage to young joints, helping to prevent injury. The floors are covered with a non-slip vinyl surface that accommodates all styles of dance.


  • Each studio is also equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system designed to have equal sound coverage in all parts of the room and reduce the problem of competing music from studio to studio.


  • PMDC has ample dressing room space for all of our students.


  • PMDC also features 2 homework rooms/lounges with Wi-Fi, a kitchenette for the dancers' use, desks for homework and a couch for reading.


  • For our parents, there are two sitting areas for those who wish to wait while their child is in class. There are also viewing windows into every studio for observation.

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