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Future and Creative Movers
Students will have the opportunity to experience the joy of dance and enhance their foundational ballet technique in a warm, nurturing and creative atmosphere. Creative Movers II is an extension of Creative Movers I, enhancing the dancers’ knowledge of basic ballet technique.
Young Movers 1
PMDC’s Young Movers will embark upon the expanding styles of dance available to them at this age. 
At the Kindergarten Level (YM1), dancers will explore more advanced ballet concepts and be introduced to the principles of basic tap. This introduction to tap is crucial to the development of the dancer’s rhythm and timing.
Young Movers 2
Our 1st Grade dancers (YM2) will have the ability to expand upon their ballet technique and be introduced to the fun and exciting world of jazz dance. The jazz portion of the class will be focused on stretching, isolations and coordination.
Ballet Technique
Ballet is the foundation upon which all dance forms are built and is necessary for all advanced dancers in order to shape and strengthen the body for performance.  This class will focus on proper body alignment through barre and center work.  The core discipline and structure that ballet provides will carry through every style of dance. It is PMDC’s recommendation and belief that ballet should be studied by every student at all ages and levels.
Ballet Performance
Ballet class given in the traditional style focusing on barre and center work that will also include a dance being performed in the Showcase at the end of the year.
Pointe is an advanced form of classical ballet training for students ages 11 & up.  (Instructor Approval Plus 2 Ballet Classes Required)
Acro-Dancers will have the opportunity to work on strengthening and conditioning their bodies as well as advancing in their flexibility level. Students will learn basic gymnastics moves such as cartwheels, handstands, walkovers and progressing to handsprings, side/front aerials and tucks. There is no Showcase performance for Acro classes.
Students learn to move their bodies in a variety of non-traditional ways, as well as focus on breathing, posture and emotional states to establish a mind-body connection.  Dancers will learn choreography and find an emotional connection to the music in addition to the physical movement. Improvisational dance may be incorporated. (2 Ballet Classes Required)
Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a street dance style primarily performed to hip hop music and has evolved as part of hip hop culture.  It includes a wide range of styles including breaking, popping and locking.
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Jazz is a common form of dance used in musical theater and the commercial and entertainment industries. Through warm-ups and exercises, students gain strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Additionally, instruction will cover the basic steps and variations of this style while also incorporating musicality and performance skills via prepared jazz combinations.
Lyrical dance is an offshoot of jazz dance. By using music at a slower tempo, the students are able to explore the softer, smoother sides of jazz dance training. It also incorporates the emotional connection a dancer can make between their movement and the music.
Musical Theater
Musical theatre dance is a jazz-based genre that incorporates technique, musicality, and acting.  In this class, dancers will learn a variety of Broadway choreography from shows like West Side Story, Grease, and Annie, as well as the stylized technique of legendary theater choreographers. Singing or lip-syncing may also be included in the class.
An essential for any dancer is flexibility and strength.  This class will feature stretching and conditioning for the muscles as well as a necessary warm up for the body.
Turns & Jumps
This class is dedicated to learning, improving and perfecting technique in jumps, leaps and turns that are most often used in Lyrical, Jazz and Contemporary dance styles.  (Ballet and Stretch Class Required)
Students in the tap classes will focus on strengthening the muscles of the legs and feet as well as work on creating rhythms. An integral part of the tap curriculum is the focus on improving counting and timing abilities through the use of percussive movements. The goal of this class is to produce clear and clean sounds with various levels of tone.
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