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Photo Week at PMDC
March 18th-24th

*Photo Deposit Required for Individual Photos
Deadline to register is March 15th

Let's get ready for our close up!

How do I prepare my dancer for his/her photo day?

Arrival at Photo Day

Please be completely dressed and ready before your scheduled photo time. If the photo time is in the middle of your class, be ready by the class start time. Photos will be taken in Studio 2, classes will be called in when the photographer is ready for them. *Parents will not be allowed in order to prevent crowding and distraction.  You will be able to view your pictures before purchasing them online.


Hair Instructions:

Each class will have a specific assigned hair style. Please see the Photo Week Schedule for hair assignments. Unless otherwise instructed, hair should be completely slick with absolutely no whispies or flyaways.

Some tips:

  • If possible, put hair up WET, either straight from the shower or with a spray bottle filled with water.

  • Thick hair ties with strong elasticity matching the dancer’s hair color should always be used. Thin hair ties slip out and do not hold strong.

  • Hair pins and bobby pins provide the best hold, especially if when they are put in, they go into the ponytail elastic. Hair nets are also recommended as they harness all the little hairs that can stick out.

  • To make the smoothest ponytail, be sure to use a fine tooth comb. Regular hair brushes create too many bumps.

  • Any of the teachers would be happy to demonstrate how to make the perfect hair! We also have hair demonstrations on our YouTube Channel.


Make-up Instructions:

Younger students (about ages 3-8): Parents must use their own discretion for how much make-up your young child should be wearing in photographs.  Our recommendation is a small amount of pink blush, some light mascara, and a darker pink lipstick or gloss.

Older students: We suggest (but do not require) doing full stage make-up for your photographs to have a truly professional quality. If you need full make-up instructions, please let us know and it can be provided.

Company Dancers: Be careful with the black eyeliner beneath the eye, we recommend not using it for photos!


Shoes/Tights Instructions

PMDC uses specific brand tights and shoes. We use only Capezio tights, and our shoe requirements can be found here. The exact shoe and tight style and color your dancer needs are on our photo week schedule listed next to each class. It is absolutely imperative that this be strictly adhered to so all of the students match perfectly. It provides a much neater and less distracting appearance both in photographs and on stage.  If you do not already have these items or need new ones you can purchase them at Accents Dancewear in Berkeley Heights.



As always, let us know if you have any questions!


Lindsay & Dana

Directors, Pure Movement Dance Center

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