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Nationals FAQ

What is Nationals? 

Nationals is a truly exciting event. A competition that includes dancers from all over the country, raising the level of the competitors, and highlighting some of today’s most innovative styles!  This year PMDC will be attending Turn It Up National Finals. There are also master classes, a party to celebrate, and the week finishes off with an ultimate finals event where the top scoring dances of the week will face off in the Dance Battles!


When is it held?

Sunday, June 23rd-Friday June 28th


Where is it held? 

Ocean Place Resort and Spa, 1 Ocean Boulevard, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Room Rate:$389. Booking Information Coming Soon.

How many days is it expected the dancers will be at Nationals?

That can vary on whether the dancer has a solo/duet or not, if they come stay for classes and if their team's dance is an overall winner and selected to be in the ultimate finals event (The Battles) on Friday the 28th. There is no way to predict most of those things, so please consider that you could be there several days. 


What are the fees for this event?

PMDC Rehearsal Fees:

$55 for each group dance attending(covers all hours of rehearsals) Exact rehearsals dates TBA but will take place in June.

Turn It Up Entry Fees:

$165 per solo

$90 per person per duet/trio

$75 per dancer per group dance

$77 per dancer for production


Turn It Up Nationals Fee - Turn It Up has a nationals fee of $55 per dancer. This fee will include their tuition for the convention that takes place at nationals, entry to a party at the event and unlimited download access to all of the photos and videos taken at our nationals finals. This fee is mandatory and is in addition to entry fees.

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